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LKC - Your Partner in European Registration and Development

Our clients benefit with regulatory compliance for successful approvals and authorisations. The regulatory acceptance of LKC submissions for active substances and products in the crop protection, biocide and veterinary medicine industries has been 99,9% successful. Our experts provide the necessary technical knowhow to overcome hurdles and navigate past pitfalls to ensure success.

LKC has long-term partnerships with international clients for the registration and development as they pursue their active substance and product authorisations throughout Europe to fully optimise the use of their global database.
LKC provides a quality service to the major specialty chemical and biochemical markets of plant protection products, biocides and veterinary medicines. 

LKC services include:

    • Regulatory Expertise
    • Product development strategies
    • OECD data management
    • Risk assessment, refinements and data waiving
    • CADDYxml, IUCLID
    • GLP facility for residue and operator exposure studies


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